Debian CDs/DVDs archive

Last updated: 11th September 2022

Old Debian releases on CD/DVD

This is where we store older CD/DVD releases of Debian. If you want to download the current release, look in the release area.

The following releases are currently available here:

Notes for older versions

Most importantly: the archive images are provided as a service for our users who may need them. We strongly recommend that you install the current stable release of Debian if at all possible, as that is where you will receive the best support. Older releases will no longer receive security updates - this is limited to 12 months after the release of the succeeding stable version (e.g. Squeeze was released on the 6th of February 2011, meaning that we stopped formal security support of Lenny in March 2012).

By default, for each release here we keep all the images in jigdo format to save on space and download times. We also often keep the ISO images for the last release of each series.

In the days of Woody (3.0), we started producing DVDs reliably for every release from r5 onwards. Later releases included both CDs and DVDs as a matter of course.

Starting with Etch (4.0), we started making multi-architecture CDs/DVDs which would boot and allow for installation on more than one type of computer.

Starting with Lenny (5.0), we added Blu-ray (BD) images, downloadable only in jigdo format for the sake of mirror space and bandwidth. We also regularly produced live images - bootable images that run completely from the CD/DVD/USB stick and do not need to be installed to your hard disk. (More details...)

Starting with Squeeze (6.0), we started building CDs and DVDs for kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386, marking the first released non-Linux port of Debian.

Installing an older release

If you're going to use an older release, you may need to tweak the setup to make it work. For example, some old versions may install using references to "stable" instead of the the code name of the release and this may confuse systems attempting to install security updates. See the FAQ for more information here.


If you encounter any problems with these images, please check the Debian CDs FAQ. The most common complaint at the moment is about wrongly-sized or corrupt DVD ISO images, which is normally a bug in your http download program.

If your problem is not covered by the above FAQ, please report it to the mailing list.

Who are we?

debian-cd is a small team of people working on creating, testing and distributing Debian CD images for you. For more information about the team and how it all works, see the Debian wiki page about us.