Purdue Linux Users Group mirror

The Purdue Linux Users Group mirror mirrors several projects and copies of popular freely available software.

We support HTTP, HTTPS*, FTP, and RSYNC on both IPv4 and IPv6.

All content is pulled from upstream servers via rsync at a rate of four times daily (with the exception of a few image collections which are not available over rsync, which are pulled once weekly).

If you wish to mirror large quantities of content from us, please do it via rsync - not HTTP or FTP.

The mirror is hosted on a SAN (dual E5-2637s, 128GB of DDR3, 128TB usable RAIDz2 disks, 10g nic, running Debian) generously donated by Purdue's research computing group.

If you have issues or wish to request new content to be mirrored, please contact plug-mirror [at] lists.purdue.edu. Do not send a ticket to RCAC - the mirror is maintained by a student group, not RCAC themselves, and issues will take longer to get solved.

If you'd like to reach out outside of e-mail, please contact us on #plug-mirror on irc.libera.chat.

We are currently an official mirror for:

Further, we are currently a primary mirror for:

Currently, the following people are mirror maintainers for the PLUG mirror:

Additionally, RCAC personal have break-glass access to the mirror. Each instance of access of RCAC access to the mirror will be audited in accordance with PLUG policy.

*We only support TLS1.2 and TLS1.3 with relatively modern (at the time of writing, 20210829) cipher suites.

PLUG members in front of server

A note on privacy/logging: