Purdue Linux Users Group mirror

The Purdue Linux Users Group mirror mirrors several projects and copies of popular freely available software.

We support HTTP, HTTPS*, FTP, and RSYNC on both IPv4 and IPv6.

All content is pulled from upstream servers via rsync at a rate of four times daily (with the exception of a few image collections which are not available over rsync, which are pulled once weekly).

If you wish to mirror large quantities of content from us, please do it via rsync - not HTTP or FTP.

The mirror is hosted on an Isilon box (dual Xeon L5410s, 28GB ram, 111TB disk [71TB usable], 10G network, running Debian) generously donated by Purdue's research computing group.

If you have issues or wish to request new content to be mirrored, please contact plug-mirror [at] listsdotpurduedotedu.

We are currently an official mirror for:

Currently, the following people are mirror maintainers for the PLUG mirror:

*We only support TLS1.2 and TLS1.3 with relatively modern (at the time of writing, 20191009) cipher suites.

PLUG members in front of server

A note on privacy/logging: